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Join Diane Altomare, the author of Clarity & an amazing group of like-minded individuals, as you become immersed in this life-changing, transformational work... and gain everything you need to create all that you desire in your life.


In this 10-week series, you will gain powerful techniques and support to gracefully move through challenges, gain courage & self-confidence, stop basing your worth on the condition of your relationships, let go of resentment, anger, frustration and exhaustion, as well as honor the ups and downs of your daily life and the heightened stress, anxiety, fear and uncertainty many people are feeling right now while at the same time, trusting yourself, setting boundaries and most importantly, managing your energy so you can be present in your life, enjoy what’s good, achieve your biggest dreams and still care for yourself, despite the challenges you are facing or what's yet to come.

The Clarity Book Club series will show you how to create an amazing year full of self-love, confidence, peace, fulfillment and success!


  • Five 1 hour LIVE calls via phone (Tuesdays at 5 pm PST, every other week), led by Master Certified Integrative Coach, Diane Altomare. *This is the 21st Clarity Book Club series, and this special edition of the series will begin January 17th, 2023. Send Diane an email with any questions. 
  • An individual 45 minute phone coaching session with Diane & the opportunity to connect daily with Diane and other members of the book club in a private group chat via voxer. 
  • A community of like-minded people seeking clarity, support & fulfillment amidst the challenges & demands of life.
  • Cost: $179 or (3 monthly payments of $67). Questions? Send Diane an email


“This was really powerful and profound work"

"I have improved relationships in my life and built a confidence level I didn’t think I could reach.”" 

“After the book club, I am joyfully re-committed to my 20 year marriage."

"Working with Diane has been life-changing.“

“Weekly interaction with Diane motivates, inspires and encourages me."

"I feel in charge of my life now and I haven’t had those feelings for a long time.”  

Clarity Book Club series (one payment of $179)


“Utilizing Diane's techniques are the keys to transform underlying feelings of fear, anger and sadness into confidence, happiness and fulfillment. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to discover the hidden and subtle emotional patterns which prevent you from attaining your personal goals and peace of mind.” - Dr. Andrew Iverson

“When I started my business I had no idea how much personal development would be part of the journey. Diane has helped me discover internal blocks, handle stress and overwhelm, and taught me how to reconnect with myself when I’m stuck and need clarity. Having worked with Diane has made a huge impact on both my business and personal life. I now feel in control of my life and am running the business of my dreams. I highly recommend her!” - Helén Thompson, Helén Thompson Photography 

"I can’t express enough how grateful I am that Diane Altomare has come into my life. Having done one on one work with her was a life changer for me. I was able to see all the limiting behaviors and beliefs, face them head on, and learn a new way to cope. Once Diane wrote her book, I immediately ordered a copy, and I’m so glad I did. It is literally a handbook, a tool box even, for all the ways to get through life’s hurdles and live your best life. Now, just because I’ve done the work and read the book doesn’t mean I’ve reached the pinnacle of self enlightenment. I do still get stuck, just not in the way I used to. That’s where the book club comes in and saves the day. To get that weekly support from Diane, even just hearing her voice makes you feel like anything is possible. What I didn’t expect was how helpful it was hearing other reader’s perspectives and experiences that were shared that led me to a few “a-ha” moments. I’m not sure where else you can get this abundance of support and information. I’ve been through a couple of book series and I can say that no two series are alike, even though you are reading the same book. The love and support you get from Diane and other participants is priceless. I have improved relationships in my life and built a confidence level I didn’t think I could reach. I encourage anyone who wants a better life for themselves to, at the very least, buy this book and join the book club now!! You deserve the best life you can live." -Angel Reyes

“I've been fortunate enough to work with Diane Altomare. Diane has always been someone that I could turn to to help me cope with the pressures of being on television everyday... from the constant criticism to those little voices in my head that told me I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough or funny enough... I know I am not alone in those feelings. She also helped me work through the guilt and pressures of being a working mom.” - Lisa Breckenridge, Journalist & NBC Correspondent

"My marriage was on the brink of divorce. After the book club & coaching with Diane, I am joyfully re-committed to this 20 year relationship and to being a healthy role model for our children.” - R.K.

"I love the Clarity Book Club - the way Diane brings the book to life is amazing! After coaching with Diane, I now define my life as -"Before Diane & after Diane." - Michala Petersen, National Marketing Director & Pharmacist

"This book club series gave me courage. The courage to do what my heart desires and not care what anybody thinks or says about it.” - J.B.

"Working with Diane has been life-changing. She taught me how to find my purpose in life and is an invaluable gift that will help you shine your light!" -Coco Owchar, National Marketing Director

"I have had so much growth in this book club and working with Diane… it released the momentum I have been looking for and has brought the energy and light in my life that I knew was always possible. I’m so excited and hope others will take the opportunity to connect with her and do this series. It's amazing!" -Jessica Pellicciotta, Registered Dietician & Fitness Coach

"I’m inspired by Diane’s ability to profoundly and intuitively connect people to the root of their unhappiness. With Altomare’s revolutionary approach to living your life from the inside out, you can’t help but feel greater peace, happiness, and fulfillment." (from the foreword of Clarity) -Marci Shimoff, New York Times best-selling author of Happy For No Reason and the co-author of six Chicken Soup For The Soul books

“A beautifully written prescriptive process for self realization, Clarity holds a powerful message and is a must-read.” -Dr. Shailinder Sodhi

“I just finished the Clarity Book Club with Diane. For me this was really powerful and profound work – I came into this book club feeling stuck and not knowing exactly where I wanted to go in my life and I have emerged with a clear vision of where I’m going, and also with the tools I need should I find myself being “stuck” again. I HIGHLY recommend this book and more specifically the book club!” - Missy Rae 


What is the Voxer chat? Voxer is an amazing connection and communication tool, that allows you to hear Diane and members of the book club leaving messages in real-time. It is a powerful way to communicate and listen to other people in the book club series share their experiences and breakthroughs, as a result of reading this book. Voxer is a free app for your phone, where you can listen to the messages either in real-time or you can turn off notifications and listen at a later time, when it is convenient for you.  

What if I can't attend all the calls? All calls are recorded. Being on some of the calls and the Voxer chat group alone, with the support and connection of all the amazing people that will be reading through Clarity together, is going to be a powerful experience that will help you to create what you truly desire and move beyond whatever is holding you back. 

What is individual coaching with Diane? One session is included in the course. You will also have the option to add three 60 minute individual coaching sessions with Diane (via phone) to the series (which is highly recommended). These powerful sessions will give you insight, clarity and wisdom as well as deepen the work you are doing in the book club series. Learn more about individual coaching sessions here.

Where can I purchase the book, Clarity? Clarity is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and you can get an autographed copy (+ a free gift: all 10 audio exercises from Clarity) on Diane's website.

More questions? Contact Diane directly via email.

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