Clarity Book Club Series 

The 10-week series includes:

Five 45 minute LIVE calls (Wednesdays at 6 pm PST, every other week), led by best-selling author, Diane Altomare. *This is our 12th Clarity Book Club series, and this amazing group will begin on April 17, 2019. 

An individual 45 minute phone coaching session with Diane & the opportunity to connect daily with Diane and other members of the book club in a private group chat via voxer.

A community of like-minded people seeking clarity and creating fulfillment in their lives & support to move beyond what's holding you back and create what you truly desire in your life. 

Cost: $179 or (2 payments of $105). Register Today! Limited space available. Questions? Send Diane an email

Register today ($179)

Guidance. Wisdom. Transformation.

Join Diane Altomare, the author of Clarity & an amazing group of like-minded individuals, as you become immersed in Clarity and gain everything you need. . . to create all that you desire in your life! 

In this 10-week series, you will gain powerful techniques and support to gracefully move through obstacles, gain courage & self-confidence, stop basing your worth on your relationships, bring all of who you are to everything you do, move through 'not feeling good enough' or 'worthy enough,' let go of resentments, release the past, as well as move beyond sabotaging your success or creating the same thing over and over again, in your relationships, career or life.

The Clarity Book Club series will show you how to create an amazing year full of self-love, confidence, peace, fulfillment and success!

“I've been fortunate enough to work with Diane Altomare. Reading Clarity, I can so vividly hear her voice and I am so excited that now countless others can draw on her special expertise to become who they are meant to be.”

Lisa Breckenridge

Anchor Fox 11 News & Good Day LA

"In just 10 weeks, I have improved relationships in my life and built a confidence level I didn’t think I could reach.”

Angel Reyes

"I love the Clarity Book Club - the way Diane brings the book to life is amazing! After coaching with Diane, I now define my life as -"Before Diane & after Diane."

Michala Petersen

National Marketing Director & Pharmacist

"My marriage was on the brink of divorce. After the book club & coaching with Diane, I am joyfully re-committed to this 20 year relationship and to being a healthy role model for our children.”


"Diane's heart, wisdom, sensitivity, clarity & guidance are like nothing I have experienced before. Those of you who have spent time with her know exactly what I'm talking about." 

Deana Christofferson

National Marketing Director 100 Club

“Weekly interaction with Diane motivates, inspires and encourages me. I loved the discussion and sharing format that always added another layer of insight into my own journey. I'm excited to join it for a second round!”

Jen Smith

"This book club series gave me courage. The courage to do what my heart desires and not care what anybody thinks or says about it.”


"Working with Diane has been life-changing. She taught me how to find my purpose in life and is an invaluable gift that will help you shine your light!"

Coco Owchar 

National Marketing Director 

"I feel in charge of my life now and I haven’t had those feelings for a long time.”


"Thank you! I'm feeling more confident and know in my heart, what I can offer people. I also know what I've been doing to get in the way of doing this in my business and am so eager to reach out to people now.”


Diane Altomare

About the Author

Diane Altomare is a master certified integrative life coach to thousands of people worldwide.

She has been a featured expert on NBC, ABC and more than 30 local and nationally syndicated radio shows, including CBS radio and NPR and has contributed to many publications, including AARP, Mind Body Green and the Chicago Tribune.

For the past 16 years, as a beloved motivational speaker and workshop leader, she has helped thousands of people transform from a limiting past to an inspiring future.

Diane received her certification as a Master Level Coach from the Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching, founded by Debbie Ford.

She is the author of Clarity: 10 Proven Strategies to Transform Your Life, which jumped to the #1 New Release spot on Amazon in Emotional Self-Help.. 


What is the Voxer chat? Voxer is an amazing connection and communication tool, that allows you to hear Diane and members of the book club leaving messages in real-time. It is a powerful way to communicate and listen to other people in the book club series sharing their experiences and what they are breaking through, as a result of reading clarity. Voxer is a free app for your phone, where you can listen to the messages either in real-time or you can turn off notifications and listen at a later time, when it is convenient for you.

What if I can't attend all the calls? All calls are recorded. Being on some of the calls and the Voxer chat group alone, with the support and connection of all the amazing people that will be reading through clarity together, is going to be a powerful experience that will help you to create what you truly desire and move beyond whatever is holding you back. 

Where can I purchase Clarity? Clarity is available at Amazon and many other online retailers.

More questions? Contact Diane directly via email