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Join Diane Altomare, the author of Emotionally Trumped Out & an amazing group of like-minded individuals, as you become immersed in this life-changing, transormational work... releasing the anxiety, transcending the outrage... and using the ways you are being emotionally affected by this politically intense climate as a way to grow, evolve and transform your experiences, your relationships and your life.


  • Ongoing 45 minute LIVE calls (Wednesdays at 6 pm PST, every other week), led by best-selling author, Diane Altomare. 
  • An opportunity to connect daily with Diane and other members of the book club in a private group chat via voxer
  • A community of like-minded people seeking transformational ways to transcend this challenging time & the support to move beyond the emotional upset and exhaustion, becoming more empowered and at peace. 
  • This group series is $27/month (*you can cancel at anytime). We will begin Wednesday March 20th, 2019. 


“In three days, your book has helped me so much."

"I feel much calmer and less irritable!" 

“Diane takes us from outraged and exhausted to productive and hopeful."

" A must read for so many of us who feel helplessly stuck in our feelings of anger.“  



In this series, you will gain powerful techniques and support to change the dynamic of your relationships bringing more harmony, peace and clarity into your conversations, release negativity and upset, transcend anger, fear, and anxiety and instead feel empowered and hopeful, learn ways to have civil conversations with people that once triggered you with grace and compassion and ultimately, use these tumultous times to grow, evolve and emerge stronger, more empowered and more whole.  

The Emotionally Trumped Out series will show you how to transform your current experience from outraged and exhausted to empowered, hopeful and at peace.



Your book has been a godsend! After Donald Trump was elected, I found myself in a very dark place and becoming the kind of person that I despise (hateful, angry, and self-righteous). I am currently listening to it through Audible. Your insights and examples have helped me to better understand my feelings about the current political atmosphere, and have inspired me to put those feelings toward productive action rather than feeding my anger in ways that only fuel the fire. What a gift for ANYONE trying to heal from the divide! Thank you!!!” - Laura Amani Wilson

“I have been on edge since 11/7/2016. In three days, your book has helped me so much. I feel much calmer, less irritable and have been able to have several reasonable conversations. I can’t thank you enough!” -Jackie Clark

“Bravo, Diane Altomare, for igniting our repair buttons in the middle of a country at odds with itself. Go deep inside and identify your trigger button. Access it, heal it, and use it to turn the chaos into peace. This shadow work is exactly what we need to heal a nation. Read the book. Practice the philosophy. Find peace within. Thank you for this home run, Diane! This fan can't get enough!" - Staci Joy

“Finding internal peace… I was so happy to get a hold of this book. My days have been consumed with stress, anxiety, anger, and worry all around the current political climate in this country. I have been at a loss on how to handle these emotions until this remarkable book came along. I am learning how to understand my feelings as well as others, and most importantly, I'm learning how to find peace within myself and use my emotions in a pure, positive, and productive way. I'm so thankful for the wisdom and guidance in this book.” - Jamie Schultz

“I absolutely love love love this book! So many emotions are being unearthed by the political climate right now. Diane's book helps to wake us up from the fighting and leads us to being inspiring instead. Thank you for this incredible book. What a gift!” - Kelly LaRochelle


What is the Voxer chat? Voxer is an amazing connection and communication tool, that allows you to hear Diane and members of the book club leaving messages in real-time. It is a powerful way to communicate and listen to other people in the book club series sharing their experiences and what they are experiencing, as a result of reading this book. Voxer is a free app for your phone, where you can listen to the messages either in real-time or you can turn off notifications and listen at a later time, when it is convenient for you.  

What if I can't attend all the calls? All calls are recorded. Being on some of the calls and the Voxer chat group alone, with the support and connection of all the amazing people that will be reading through this book together, is going to be a powerful experience that will help you to release the anxiety, transcend the outrage and use the ways you are being emotionally affected by this politically intense climate to grow, evolve and transform your experiences, relationships and our country.

What is the purpose of this group? The purpose of this book club is healing, transformation and growth. It is a place to express how you are feeling about what is happening in this country and how it is impacting you emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. This group is not a place to complain, vent or debate. It is however, a safe space to use the way you are being emotionally affected to grow, evolve and transform your experiences, relationships and our country.  

What is individual coaching with Diane? You will have the option to add a 45 minute individual coaching session with Diane (via phone) to the series. This powerful session will give you insight, clarity and wisdom as well as deepen the work you are doing in the book club series. Learn more about individual coaching sessions here.

Where can I purchase the book, Emotionally Trumped Out? Emotionally Trumped Out is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the audiobook is on Audible

More questions? Contact Diane directly via email.

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