Emotionally Trumped Out

Rising Beyond The Emotional Outrage of Our Turbulent Times

A message from Diane

It doesn’t matter what side you’re on — we are all being emotionally affected by what is happening with the Trump presidency, the media's coverage of it and the way we are each responding to it. Unfortunately, many of us are fighting against each other, instead of facing these issues together. Often projecting our fear, anger, anxiety or upset onto each other, creating more chaos, hatred and division. 

In Emotionally Trumped Out, I will show you exactly what's happening on a pyschological level and why this may be the very insight, wisdom and understanding you are craving, at a deep soul level.

We recently had a raw, real conversation on Facebook about Trump's name calling, labeling and bullying. And although it went off the rails and awry many times, with people attacking each other, calling each other names, and obvious, emotional projection and division present, the very fact that people from both sides were willing to have this conversation, is progress. As I will share more about, in chapter one, what I learned from this post and the 300 plus comments that were left, is that people do want to work through this. From a deep place, most of us want to heal this division. We want to understand each other and we want to be heard. And in that, lies HOPE.  

Download chapter one above. You can either read it or listen to it, on audio. I look forward, to hearing any insight, thoughts or feedback, you'd like to share with me. In gratitude, Diane