I invite you to join me on this powerful journey over the next 60 days, as I write my second book, and share excerpts, as well as, my writing process . . . all, with the intention of beginning to heal the divide in this country. Join me & get the online ‘Emotional Breakthrough mini-series’ FREE, as my way of saying thank YOU!

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Pre-order your copy and join me on this journey. Heal relationships. Transform anger, outrage, anxiety & fear. And feel good about your contribution, to healing the division, in our families, our workplaces and our country.

02. free mini-series

Get the online ‘Emotional Breakthrough mini-series’ FREE, as my way of saying, thank YOU! Feel immediate peace, joy, and freedom, as you let go of any difficult emotions or challenging relationships, plaguing you.

03. heal the divide

Pre-order a copy for someone you politically disagree with and start the healing process. (Then join us in the sacred, private Facebook group, as we heal the divide, one conversation at a time.)

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I’m Sharing My Writing Process LIVE

Beginning April 4th, I will be sharing book excerpts, the places I write and what is inspiring the words, I’m writing.  I will be asking for your feedback, input and most of all, how you are feeling, so that this book represents YOU, as well!  I will be posting videos, photos, excerpts and asking your opinion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Let’s start the conversation.  Simply pre-order the book, and then choose which social media platform you want to join me on, and go there now. If you’d like to send me a private message, I’d love to hear from you, and you can get in touch, below.



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