Politically Emotional Ways to Tune In

So thrilled to have you join us!  Here are a few ways to tune into the show.

1. By phone or computer

Simply, go to https://1150kknw.com/ at 4:30 pm PST on Thursdays, and click “listen now” to hear the show audio, from any computer or phone.

2. Broadcast on FB Live

The other way to tune in, is to watch the broadcast stream LIVE on Facebook.  Simply, go to https://www.facebook.com/dianealtomare at 4:30 pm PST on Thursdays.  You will also want to have another browser window open, so you can hear the guests or callers, by also going to to https://1150kknw.com/ and clicking “listen now.”

3. LIVE in Seattle

The final way to tune in, is to listen LIVE in Seattle on 1150am radio.

*Want to listen to previous episodes?

Listen to Politically Emotional on iTunes: http://bit.ly/politicallyemotional

I’m so thrilled you will be joining us in the transformative conversation!  Politically Emotional radio is talk to transform our collective emotional pain into peace, love and hope.  Love,


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