Signature course:

Breakthrough Your Limitations (& create all that you desire in 2018!)

You’ve read self-help books. You’ve done workshops, retreats and daily affirmations. And you still haven’t accomplished the success you truly want & know you are capable of. Distractions and overwhelm keep taking you off course. Or maybe your business or career is on track, but you don’t have ultimate peace and confidence in yourself.  

The feeling of not being good enough or self doubt creeps in.  

Or relationship challenges keep getting in the way.  

Fortunately, there’s a reason for this and one limitation you may not even know you have, that’s holding you back. Once you Breakthrough Your Limitations, you will be able to create everything you desire and be totally liberated, empowered and unstoppable.  

This signature course is designed to help you uncover the very limitation that's at the root of why you feel stuck or always one step away from the life you desire. Read on and check out all that you will gain and breakthrough as a result of this power packed course.  


Normal price: $279  

Your price: $225 (for registrations before January 22nd) 

Here's what you will gain... 


Dive Deeply into What's Holding You Back 

In module one, you will learn a powerful 4-step process that will help you shift from any negative emotion or challenging experience to immediately feeling empowered to take action and makes the changes you desire. You will be able to make immediate shifts in your life.


The 3 Ways We Get in Our Own Way! 

We will be delving deeply into the why, what and how of what’s holding you back. You will gain clarity on the three different ways we hold ourselves back and will be able to powerfully shift from sabotaging yourself to feeling empowered and in the driver’s seat of your life again.


Anger, Fear, Worry & Self Doubt. How these emotions BENEFIT you!  

In this module, you will uncover exactly what you need to do, to move past any challenging experience, limitation or belief that's holding you back. You will identify, get clarity and move beyond your default emotion; the emotion you experience often (ie. anger, frustration, fear, self-doubt, etc.) that gets in the way of you powerfully creating your week and achieving your goals.


Unlocking The Key to An Exciting Future! 

In this module, you will learn how we as human beings transfer our wounds and unresolved incidents from the past to our current experiences and then ultimately, to the future. You will identify the unresolved events from your past that will show you why you're struggling with your business, relationships or other situations in your life. And use this very insight, as one of the essential keys to unlock a new and exciting future for you.


♥ Four 45 minute group calls on either zoom or our conference line, you choose the way you want to participate. See FAQ's below for the date and times of each call. *All calls are recorded, in case you miss one of them.

♥ One 30 minute individual session via phone with Diane (valued at $175) 

♥ Weekly Voxer chat group. Connect daily with Diane and other members of the course in a private group chat via voxer.

♥ This powerful course is guaranteed to give you amazing wisdom, insight, inspiration and practical tools to achieve your goals & clear away the limitations that are getting in your way. It will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and on fire! Space is limited. Reserve your spot.


Getting Intimate With & Making Peace with Our Fear!  

This is a powerful module! We are going to explore in depth, the root of what holds most of us back: fear. You will get intimately connected with why this specific fear arises and most importantly, will gain the insight you need to release it and let it go. Freedom awaits!


Make Peace with Your Relationships & Re-Gain Yourself!  

In module six, you will explore your relationships in depth and most specifically how they may be holding you back. Our relationships can help us to grow into who we are meant to be, if we allow them to. You will learn the 3 keys to making peace with your relationships and re-gaining connection to yourself and your greatness!  


Letting Go of Your Limiting Beliefs!  

In module seven, you will uncover the specfic beliefs that are limiting your success. You will identify which beliefs are aligned with what you want to create and which ones aren’t. And you will learn how to powerfully embody and embrace the beliefs that will support you in creating what you desire!  


Choose Your Future Powerfully!  

We have come to an exciting place in our journey. You have the choice to create something different. You have the choice to no longer allow your limitations to define you and hold you back. You have the choice to acknowledge that there's a different way to experience your life and more exciting options than the ones you may have been living. We will powerfully connect with this part of you this week and you will feel more empowered than ever before!  


A One-On-One Session with Diane!  

In this powerful 30 minute individual coaching session via phone, Diane will guide you to embrace exactly what's necessary for you to get where you want to go and gracefully release whatever’s in the way of creating all that you desire. *You will also have the option to include three powerful 45 minute sessions with Diane to your course!  


Contact Diane at (949) 842-7448 

How do I know whether this course is right for me? Diane has led hundreds of people through this amazing course & would love to talk with you about your questions or concerns. She will absolutely let you know if it will help you specifically accomplish your desired goals, move forward in your relationships or feel more at peace and confident in your business & your life! Don't hesitate to call her. Contact Diane at (949) 842-7448 or via email. Learn more about Diane here


Normal price: $275  

Your price: $225 (for registrations before January 22nd)  


♥ You will be able to declare wholeheartedly what you want to create. 

♥ You will know exactly what steps you need to take to make it happen.

♥ You will know what fear or limitations need to be cleared out of the way.

♥ You will learn specific tools to gracefully & confidently remove whatever is in the way of your success. 

♥ You will be able to identify what distractions, disconnection or dissatisfaction is keeping you stuck in your current experience.

♥ You will learn powerful, effective techniques to embrace, engage and stand in your most powerful self. 

♥ If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t seem to create or attract ALL of what you desire in your business, your relationships & your life and are ready to experience a whole new level of success, this course is for you! 

© 2017

© 2017

Testimonials Breakthrough Your Limitations . . .(& create all that you desire in 2018!)

♥ “Working with Diane has been life-changing. Not only has she helped me develop the skills to grow a business (that is one of the fastest growing teams) BUT she taught me how to find my purpose in life! She is an invaluable gift that will help you shine your light!” -Coco Owchar

♥ “Diane, you have such a grounded, soft and beautiful spirit that is warm and inviting; and vibrates light, without judgment. Your energy and warmth says, “come be fed, be loved, come and embrace a newness and walk away, authentically you.” People can reach to you. You aren’t taking them by the hand or the wrist in this powerful course, you are holding them fully, like one does when helping someone get on and off a boat. With security, that if you slip and fall, I’ve got you. You have such a beautiful way about you and are a huge light in this world! ” -Jill Nichols-Hicks

♥ “Diane’s wisdom helped me revolutionize my business and my life! After coaching with Diane, I now define my life as “before Diane and after Diane”. -Michala Petersen

♥ “I love this course! Diane’s heart, wisdom, sensitivity, clarity & guidance are like nothing I have experienced before. Those of you who have spent time with her know exactly what I’m talking about.” - Deana Christofferson

 ♥ “When I started my business I had no idea how much personal development would be part of the journey. Diane has helped me discover internal blocks, handle stress and overwhelm, and taught me how to reconnect with myself when I’m stuck and need clarity. Having worked with Diane has made a huge impact on both my business and personal life. I now feel in control of my life and am running the business of my dreams!” -Helen Thompson  

♥ “I always love talking to Diane, she really knows how to get to the root of what I’m feeling and how to work through it. My 3 fears: being a solid leader, failing at getting to my goals, being a disappointment to my team. For those of you that couldn’t make the call, I shared about how I get fearful of having a team. I feel responsible to get each person to the next level and if it doesn’t happen I feel like I’ve failed that person. I tend to get stuck and then I freeze and don’t even try. I put things off. This was a great call to get me to LEAN into the fear like Diane said, instead of pushing it away.” 

♥ “Of all the coaches, Diane has given me the most grounded system to heal my life, from the inside out. I felt that I would drown in what I was going through, if not for Diane’s coaching and Clarity. Diane is an inspiration! She helped me find a voice for my emotions, understand my debilitating patterns and know what I truly need, to be the best version of myself.” -Erin Davidson

♥ “Another powerful call and this course is exactly what I’ve needed. I totally related to everything that was brought up on the call. I’ve been having almost exact experiences and feelings. Even got me a little emotional, and I’m so not that girl, but I felt your vulnerability. I know we’re all going to get over that hump and have great success! I already feel successful being a part of this team!” 

♥ “I can’t express enough how grateful I am that Diane Altomare has come into my life. Having done one on one work with her was a life changer for me. I was able to see all the limiting behaviors and beliefs, face them head on, and learn a new way to cope. I’ve been through a couple of her courses and I can say that no two are alike. The love and support you get from Diane and other participants is priceless. I have improved relationships in my life and built a confidence level I didn’t think I could reach!” - Angelia Reyes


♥ The course begins on Tuesday, January 23rd. Our first call will be at 6:00 pm PST that evening, Tuesday, January 23rd. 

The dates of the following three calls are: 

Tuesday, February 6th at 6:oo pm PST

Tuesday, February 20th at 6:oo pm PST

Tuesday, March 6th at 6:oo pm PST

♥ What's the difference between a Zoom call & a Conference call? A Zoom call is a video call and we can see each other if you enable your camera, which is awesome! You can also participate on the call via our conference line, if you don't want to join the video call. 

♥ What if I can't attend all the calls? No problem. All the calls are recorded, so you can listen to them anytime. Also, being on some of the calls and the Voxer chat group alone, with the support and connection of all the amazing people that will be doing this course together, is going to be a powerful experience that will help you to create what you truly desire and move beyond whatever is holding you back. 

♥ How do I know whether this course is right for me? Diane has led hundreds of people through this amazing course & would love to talk with you about your questions or concerns. She will absolutely let you know if it will help you specifically accomplish your desired goals, move forward in your relationships or feel more at peace and confident in your business & your life! Don't hesitate to call her. Contact Diane at (949) 842-7448 or via email.

© Diane Altomare Coaching 2017