Listen to each audio coaching session from Clarity (+3 bonus audio meditations) as I I guide you to let go, release emotional upset and gain clarity… feeling more grounded, peaceful and calm. Dive in… freedom awaits. Love,Diane Altomare Signature

Chapter ONE audio. The Reconnection Process
Chapter TWO audio.  The Transference Process
Chapter THREE audio.  The Inner Child Connection Process
Chapter FOUR audio.  The Relationship Healing Process
Chapter FIVE audio.  The Emotional Default Process
Chapter SIX audio.  The Emotional Freedom Process
Chapter SEVEN audio.  The Forgiveness Process
Chapter EIGHT audio.  The Success Process
Chapter NINE audio.  The Clarity Process
Chapter TEN audio.  The Awakened Process


*BONUS ONE.  Transforming Anger Audio
*BONUS TWO. Transforming Anxiety Audio
*BONUS THREE. Literally Exhale Audio