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“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Diane Altomare. Diane has always been someone that I could turn to to help me cope with the pressures of being on television everyday… from the constant criticism to those little voices in my head that told me I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough or funny enough… I know I am not alone in those feelings. She also helped me work through the guilt and pressures of being a working mom.”

Lisa Breckenridge

Journalist & NBC Correspondent

michalap“Clarity is such a gift! Diane’s wisdom helped me revolutionize my life- Everyone can benefit from reading this book! After coaching with Diane, I now define my life as “before Diane and after Diane”. & I love the Clarity Book Club – the way Diane brings the book to life is amazing!”
Michala Petersen

National Marketing Director & Pharmacist

dc“Diane’s heart, wisdom, sensitivity, clarity & guidance are like nothing I have experienced before. Those of you who have spent time with her know exactly what I’m talking about.”
Deana Christofferson

National Marketing Director 100 Club

erin“Of all the coaches, Diane has given me the most grounded system to heal my life, from the inside out. I felt that I would drown in what I was going through, if not for Diane’s coaching and Clarity. Diane is an inspiration! She helped me find a voice for my emotions, understand my debilitating patterns and know what I truly need, to be the best version of myself.”
Erin Davidson

helen“When I started my business I had no idea how much personal development would be part of the journey. Diane has helped me discover internal blocks, handle stress and overwhelm, and taught me how to reconnect with myself when I’m stuck and need clarity. Having worked with Diane has made a huge impact on both my business and personal life. I now feel in control of my life and am running the business of my dreams. I highly recommend her!”
Helén Thompson, Helén Thompson Photography

jen pelzel smith“Weekly interaction with Diane motivates, inspires and encourages me. I loved the discussion and sharing format that always added another layer of insight into my own journey. I’m excited to join it for a second round!”
Jennifer Pelzel Smith

Diane, you have such a grounded, soft and beautiful spirit that is warm and inviting; and vibrates light, without judgment. Your energy and warmth says, “come be fed, be loved, come and embrace a newness and walk away, authentically you.”
People can reach to you. You aren’t taking them by the hand or the wrist in this powerful course, you are holding them fully, like one does when helping someone get on and off a boat. With security, that if you slip and fall, I’ve got you. You have such a beautiful way about you and are a huge light in this world!

Jill Nichols-Hicks, Founder of Illuminating Women

coco web


Working with Diane has been life-changing. Not only has she helped me develop the skills to grow a business (that is one of the fastest growing teams) BUT she taught me how to find my purpose in life! Do you know how freeing and powerful that is? She is an invaluable gift that will help you shine your light!

Coco Owchar, National Marketing Director

unnamed (1)“Thank you! I’m feeling more confident and know in my heart, what I can offer people. I also know what I’ve been doing to get in the way of doing this in my business and am so eager to reach out to people now.”

heart2“My marriage was on the brink of divorce. After the book club & coaching with Diane, I am joyfully re-committed to this 20 year relationship and to being a healthy role model for our children.”

Just had another amazing coaching session with Diane! She is by far the best coach I have ever had the privilege of working with!

Heather Ann Hale got great results working with Diane Altomare

She has a gift for nailing the deep truth behind any situation and always asks the perfect questions. The crazy that accompanied me to our call today is settled in truth, understanding and love. Now I feel I can move forward and I know just what to do. What a beautiful woman, inspiring coach and a leader for us all. Love you so much Diane!

Heather Hale

Working with Diane has literally changed my life. This observation is from someone who finds change very difficult. She stopped me from dwelling on past events and helped me to see possibility in my present. I had built such a wall of resistance over the years and it just crumbled. Suddenly, I found a way to make decisions because I could feel my true self. Most therapists I have encountered have spent precious time reacting to my colorful stories. Diane was unmoved and kept me focused on my journey. I’ve recommended Diane to others and they too find her just terrific!
Jane Barrell Yadav

Diane, you are such an amazing human being. Because of our connection this week I was able to shift my thoughts from worry (past negatives to positive) to faith. My week has been filled with blessings and important accomplishments. Thank you!I am a dreamer and believe in miracles.  It is a miracle that I have made it this far in life!  I have always known deep in my soul that I was destined for great things in my life.  It is true, life is about alignment when all of the stars are aligned, things happen and opportunities present themselves in the right moment and time.   Diane came into my life at the right moment.  No longer could I ignore my intuition gnawing at me.   My truth, I was the product of a dysfunctional family of deep seeded addiction.  I knew from prior counseling and reading every self-help book on co-dependency that I was a classic enabler to my own detriment.  I could no longer control my environment or those around me.   When Diane came into my life I had been through so many trials and struggles. I was broken but still determined to fight for my dreams.  I knew she was to be part of my journey.  I was forced to reinvent myself both personally and professionally at middle age in difficult economic times.  Instinctively my mind, body and soul knew it was in transition on the verge of transcending to the next level in my life’s journey.  Fear was consuming me and stifling any forward movement I made.  It was debilitating at times. Once I made a commitment to invest in myself and commit to coaching sessions with Diane, my world truly began to change in so many amazing ways.


In the first couple of sessions we identified my limiting beliefs, my triggers, and my saboteur. The realization that I had become and lived the very things I hated was a huge awakening.  By doing so I was able to forgive myself and others to allow love to flow in my life.  With this new sense of love, freedom and courage flowed allowing me to begin conquering my fears.  Diane gave me tools to manage the anxiety and fear that was preventing my growth and learning, and reaching my true potential.  As our sessions progressed they became more intense and powerful unlocking my true gifts.  I discovered my inner child and what an important integral part she is to my healing.  As fear transition into love, courage, and strength I began to trust in the process of life.  Diane’s coaching has helped me get a job that is a great match for my abilities and skills.  I am graduating this fall with a bachelor’s in Business Administration from a private university.  I have learned to set healthy boundaries in all areas of my life.  Most importantly, I love and value myself and know I deserve all the best that life has to offer.  I attract so many wonderful opportunities and the best part is I go for them all confidently!  I would not have made all of this progress and healing in my life if I had not met Diane.  Only with her coaching and guidance have I been able to truly grow.  She will always be my life coach and my executive coach!


In a 1 hour talk and guided meditation, Diane gave me the key to, “Move Beyond My Limitations!” Diane speaks with a soft tone that has an underlying sense of power. She got my attention.


I knew that at the end of that meeting something in me had shifted. I knew what was holding me back but I did not know the tidal wave of activity and success that would follow.

Thank you Diane for the love and energy you so freely give to those you are speaking to. Your impact on my life was so quiet and unassuming, yet filled with power and optimism.
I am grateful!


I can’t express enough how grateful I am that Diane Altomare has come into my life. Having done one on one work with her was a life changer for me. I was able to see all the limiting behaviors and beliefs, face them head on, and learn a new way to cope. Once Diane wrote her book, I immediately ordered a copy, and I’m so glad I did. It is literally a handbook, a tool box even, for all the ways to get through life’s hurdles and live your best life. Now, just because I’ve done the work and read the book doesn’t mean I’ve reached the pinnacle of self enlightenment. I do still get stuck, just not in the way I used to. That’s where her course comes in and saves the day. To get that weekly support from Diane, even just hearing her voice makes you feel like anything is possible. What I didn’t expect was how helpful it was hearing other’s perspectives and experiences that were shared that led me to a few “a-ha” moments. I’m not sure where else you can get this abundance of support and information. I’ve been through a couple of her courses and I can say that no two are alike. The love and support you get from Diane and other participants is priceless. I have improved relationships in my life and built a confidence level I didn’t think I could reach. I encourage anyone who wants a better life for themselves to, work with Diane now!! You deserve the best life you can live.

Angel Reyes

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