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“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Diane Altomare. Diane has always been someone that I could turn to to help me cope with the pressures of being on television everyday… from the constant criticism to those little voices in my head that told me I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough or funny enough… I know I am not alone in those feelings. She also helped me work through the guilt and pressures of being a working mom.” -Lisa Breckenridge, Journalist & NBC Correspondent


Relationships are a profound part of our daily experiences, and connecting to other people is almost as important as the oxygen we breathe. Yet, for many of us, relationships aren’t easy and are an area of our life where we continually struggle.

So how do you find peace with a significant part of your life that will at times threaten to break you? 

As I share in Clarity, “First and foremost, you learn how to be at peace with who you are. You learn how to stop basing your worth and how you feel about yourself on what the condition of your relationship is in any moment. You learn what specifically this relationship is triggering or bringing up from the past. And, most importantly, you learn how to use this very relationship for a monumental purpose— your life’s purpose— to grow and evolve into the person you are meant to be. The beautiful end result of all this growth and effort is a harmonious relationship that will empower you instead of break you and bring richness to your life instead of draining you of your energy.”

If you feel stuck re-creating the same painful dynamic over and over again in your relationship, set up a coaching session with Diane. Or listen to this powerful 8-minute excerpt from the Clarity call on relationships: RELATIONSHIP CLARITY AUDIO

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