Relationship Challenges?

I talk with Denise Dador of ABC7 News in Los Angeles, about how to let go & forgive. Many of us feel resistant to forgiving someone that has hurt us. We feel we’re letting them off the hook.

So why forgive? There are so many reasons.You know that feeling when you are angry or upset with someone and you keep replaying that event over and over again. . . that keeps you stuck in the past. When you forgive, it frees you from that negative energy; the negative energy that blocks you from connecting to all the good stuff – the joy, love, happiness peace.

I devote a whole chapter in Clarity, to specifically how to let go and forgive so you are free to live the life you deserve and desire.

Politically Emotional?

There is so much emotional pain everywhere we turn. So many of us are feeling such a deep sense of anxiety and fear about what’s unfolding every day.

In this episode of Politically Emotional, we talk about the dangerous territory we are in, when our president is attacking the media.  Episode 26 on Itunes.

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MARCI SHIMOFF, New York Times best-selling author of Happy For No Reason

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