Listen to all 5 SELF LOVE audio meditations as I guide you to let go, transcend your limitations, release emotional upset, and embrace your greatness, your light, and your innate ability to thrive. Feel more grounded, more peaceful and more calm with each audio meditation. Dive in. Peace, abundance, freedom, and success await. Love,Diane Altomare Signature

Audio meditation one: Stop Judging Yourself So Harshly

Being mean, judgmental, and critical of ourselves is something we learned along the way. Today, your work is to acknowledge that there’s a better way to talk to yourself and to make a commitment to treat yourself like the amazing being you are.

Audio meditation two:  Stop Self-Doubt From Stopping You

Doubting yourself is almost always a result of what has happened in the past. Today, you will begin to practice intentionally shifting your focus to what you feel good about and the times in your life that you have made the right decision and have done what’s best for you. So ultimately, you can regain trust in yourself and stop doubting yourself at every turn.

Audio meditation three:  Own How Unique You Are

We each have a different story, a different journey, and different gifts to share. Today is your day to honor that truth and to share your uniqueness with the world.

Audio meditation four:  Focus On What You Want

Your work today is to be intentional about what you are focusing on as well as to be your biggest supporter by focusing on the good and even more importantly, indulging in it. 

Audio meditation five:  Talk to Yourself With Love

Today is your day to practice having a whole new relationship with yourself, to fill yourself up with the love and encouragement you need by having a loving dialogue with yourself throughout the day.